October 13, 2003
Bulls Tunes
If your a Bulls Fan...and I do mean a die-hard Bulls Fan, most of you probably already have the entire set of Bulls CD's that came out during the Championship Run in the mid-to-late 90's.

However, recently the Pippen Watcher has discovered, thanks in part to a co-worker of mine, a similar CD, yet new, and perhaps un-released... "Great Moments in Chicago Bulls History, ESPN Radio 1000 Highlights"...that captures all the thrilling highlights and famous radio calls of Chicago Bulls broadcaster Neil Funk. The difference here is that before each track, both Neil Funk and then radio analyst John Paxson give a brief insight and background of the moment/highlight to come. It's a different twist, which makes this CD a must for Bulls Fans everywhere!

The only problem I have with it is..."where are the Scottie Pippen highlights!?" How quickly we forget. He only helped bring us 6 World Championships for god sakes!...Don't get me started...Don't get me started! -The Pippen Watcher

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