October 13, 2003
Collectible Sched's?
After having visited the nearest service station for some morning gas, I noticed their counter was well stocked with 2003-2004 Bulls Schedules.

The Pippen Watcher proceeded to grab a handful not only for himself, but for his best buds at work...had to spread the love...

Anyways, I didn't look closely at the tops of them assuming the design scheme was the same on all schedules. All I saw was Eddy Curry dwarfing a black & white, ghosted Bill Cartwright and Artis Gilmore. That was until my next visit. You see, the next time I filled her up, I grabbed another handful of schedules and this time realized Crawford and Rose were on the top...hmmm

Pretty cool considering almost any other year these schedules are all the same in regards to the design on the front. You can rest assure that the next time I fill up on gas, The Pippen Watcher will be combing through that box for any Scottie Pippen schedules. Perhaps I need to check some othere nearby service stations. -The Pippen Watcher

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