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Tuesday, MAR. 9
76ers @ BULLS
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BULLS @ Detroit
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BULLS @ Nets
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Though this is a bulls fan website and primarily deals with the Bulls in general, I do tend, as you can already sense, show a "bit" more favoritism towards Scottie Pippen. That being said, I thought it would be good to have a link solely for logging in what I like to call "Pipbits".

Anything and everything that deals with Scottie Pippen.

October 31, 2003
I've really been loving the full page color photos of Scottie on the Sun Times. Good to see him gracing those back covers again. My favorite is the Sun Times from Tuesday which shows Pip giving the thumbs up and infectious smile. I got a couple extras of that one.
Also, though not a very favorable shot, Thursday's Sun Times depicts Pip being stripped by Wizards, forward Jarvis Hayes.
As mentioned on my home page, the Chicago Bulls were really cool when I called them yesterday asking if I could have perhaps one or two of the "Welcome Back Scottie #33" signs that were being handed out on opening night. You see, they called me right away after leaving a message, and will be sending me 5 of them so I can add to what I like to call the "PipMuseum"...very cool.

Thank you so much Chicago Bulls!
Finally, already Pip seems to be getting some bad P.R. and he's only been back a couple of months. This whole Jerry Krause Banner Night Ceremony before Friday night's game has all the media asking Pip questions to see what kind of response they'll get. The thing is really irritating me as everyone seems to be sitting on every word that comes out of Pip's mouth. Just think...we're only one game into the new season. Speaking of Scottie & Jerry, a co-worker of mine e-mailed one of the major sports talk-shows here in Chicago, The Score 670AM, with a one-sided note against Scottie and the way he's handled the entire Jerry Krause fiasco.
Check out the entire e-mail here.

November 4, 2003
As I mentioned earlier, I finally received the "Welcome Back Scottie #33" signs from the Bulls last night. Accompanied with the signs was a note that read:

Thanks for being a Fan!

Sincerely, Ben

Ben Adair, who must work for the Bulls Public Relations Department. It came on official BULLS letterhead and was really cool! An instant piece for the PipMuseum. Once again...thanks Chicago Bulls!


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