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BULLS @ Orlando
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BULLS @ New Orleans
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Denver @ Bulls
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November 4, 2003
History In The Making Alright...Of The Pitiful Kind
Before I could sit down and enjoy my "Welcome Back Scottie" signs that the Bulls sent to me last night, it was all diminished in a heart-beat as I learned that Scottie Pippen is out already after having fluid drained from his knee on Monday. Pip was not in attendance for the game against Houston, which was probably good, because the Bulls play would have only made things worse. The Bulls now have the honor of losing by a total of 87 points combined in their last 3 games, which I don't believe even happened during the Tim Floyd Era!

But don't get me started...don't get me started...

I want to recap quickly some of the lastest Bulls news and happenings that have occured in their last 3 games and get things up to date before I even begin to touch the Bulls latest pile of garbage...and I'm trying to be nice.

Friday, October 31, 2003; Hawks at BULLS:
Bulls shake off the opening night jitters and strom out to an impressive double digit lead against Atlanta. Kendall Gill, starting for Scottie Pippen, ignited things with some early steals and some long distance shooting. Actually, by not wasting Pip's minutes early in the game, Scottie was fresh for when things mattered most. In a back and forth contest late in the fourth quarter, it was Pip who scored seven fourth quarter points, including some cluth running one-handers and then drew a huge charge which turned the ball back over to the Bulls. The star of the game, however, was Tyson Chandler who tied a carrer high with 22 rebounds and chipped in 12 points. Eddy Curry added 22 points and the Bulls were in the win column for 2003.

Saturday, November 1, 2003; BULLS at Bucks:
Early on it looked as though the Bulls had rided the ship and were going to carry over their win from the night before and build on it. They stormed out to another quick double digit lead and at one point their play was so good, that I stood up and cheered...This Is It!!...we may go to the Eastern Conference Finals!!. They played that well.

I spoke too soon, as some easy shots were missed including a potential dunk for Donyell Marshall and an easy layup for Jamal Crawford. This was clearly a sign of things to come.

Milwaukee cut into the lead just as Atlanta did the night before, and actually lead at halftime by a point. My confidence was not shaken though. They would win it...right?

WRONG! The Bulls couldn't throw it in the ocean the second half, scoring only 29 points in both the third and fourth quarters combined. No offense was run, missed shots galore, Eddy Curry couldn't hold onto the ball and Jalen Rose still had not found his shot. In the meantime, Milwaukee ran up the score and the Bulls had lost, what started out to be a promising night, their second game of the season.

Monday, November 3, 2003; Rockets at BULLS:
What the hell am I watching? What the hell is this? Before I can sit down and enjoy a competative game, the Bulls were down 15 and the first quarter wasn't even over. Eddy Curry "clearly" was intimidated by Yao Ming. Curry changed his shot every time he attempted to take it to the hole against Yao. Jalen hit meaningless jumpers, if at that, and Jamal can't play a lick of defense. Thank god for Tyson Chandler though. He was the only Bull who tried to do other things either on the offensive or defensive side if one wasn't working. He's playing with a lot of fire and even starting to challenge some of his teammates to raise their game. The big difference I noticed between the Rockets and the Bulls, is that the Rockets seem to have more skilled players...players who just understand the game better. Whereas the Bulls have a bunch of athletes period! To me Eddie Robinson is the poster child of what is wrong with the Bulls. We need players who can move without the ball and who can hit some jump shots on a regular basis. Until we can aquire those kinds of players, we will not get far in the standings.

Until then, stand up and play some f'n basketball. Box someone out, get a rebound, hit a f'n jump shot and here's a thought...run some f'n offense!!

Do not get me started...I REPEAT...don't get me started!!...

-The Pippen Watcher

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