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November 6, 2003
Now That's
More Like It!

The coast is clear everyone...get off the ledge and back onto the Bulls bandwagon! The Bulls restored order in the land of what we call "Bulls Nation" with a strong and convincing win over Tracy McGrady and the supposed playoff bound Orlando Magic. The loss gave the Magic an
0-4 start on their home court this season.

Despite giving up 16 first half points to Tracy McGrady, the Bulls went to a zone defense in the second half and shut down the Orlando offense just enough to hold onto a 106-100 win last night.

Coach Bill Cartwright made a significant line-up change by inserting Donyell Marshall in place of Kendall Gill and it seemed to jump start Donyell's game as he finished with 25 points and a team high 11 rebounds. Others who stepped up where Jamal Crawford who showed poise down the stretch and seemd much more patient in his decision making...not to mention leading the Bulls with 29 points. The impressive thing was that Jamal had 29 meaningful points...not just garbage points, with five of them coming at the end of quarters and the shot clock nearing zero. The first, was a half court three pointer to end the first half and the other, a mid range jump shot to end the third quarter.

A big boost came off the bench in the likes of Corie Blount and Kendall Gill. Blount played the entire fourth quarter in place of Eddy Curry, who struggled again both offensively and defensively. Blount also added 4 very key blocks. Kendall Gill hit some big jumpers throughout while playing some defense against McGrady and switching back to cover the likes of Tyronn Lue and Shammond Williams.

Orlando made a run during the fourth quarter as both Williams and Lue took turns hitting huge three pointers, keeping the Magic within striking distance. But unlike last year on the road, the Bulls seemed to counter the opposition's run.

Countering those runs was the foul shooting of Tyson Chandler who hit 14-16 free throws with the majority of those shots coming in crunch time. It was another all-around game for Tyson, who seems to be making these performances a regular basis.

Compliments go out to coach Cartwright who not only changed his starting lineup, but "shortened" his bench considerably, by only playing Marcus Fizer and Lonny Baxter in very limited fashion, while sticking with Gill and Blount during the games tough strecthes.

For a change, it was good to see players other than Jalen Rose taking the bulk of the fourth quarter shots while leaving the "last shot" or the "nail in the coffin" to be taken by Rose. With the Magic down by just two points and seconds left in the game, Crawford found Jalen Rose in the corner for a three pointer that capped the the first road victory for the Bulls this season.

Next up...the Philadelphia 76ers this Friday night at the United Center.

-The Pippen Watcher

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