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BULLS @ Hornets
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BULLS @ 76ers
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76ers @ BULLS
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March 1, 2004
Extra Effort
Lifts Bulls
Past Warriors

Kirk Hinrich nabs first
triple double among NBA rookies in route to Bulls OT win.

It almost happened again!

As I watched in horrow during the games last 5 minutes of play I realized that the Bulls were going to let this one slip away again as they've done with virtually ever other game this season.

But I forced myself to watch to the bitter end because on this night Eddy Curry, (26 points/14 rebounds/6 blocks) and Kirk Hinrich
(11 points/12 rebounds/10 assists), were playing like the potential cornerstones that Bulls fans are hopoing they'll become.

How could such performances go to waste? Surely they could could finish this one off?

Well they didn't in regulation, but did get the job done in overtime, as the Bulls won their 17th game of the season defeating the Golden State Warriors 87-81 in overtime. Despite the victory, the Bulls let another big lead evaporate in the fourth quarter allowing
Jason Richardson to take over the game and end up with a team high 26 points.

The game could have been decided in regulation had
Jamal Crawford iced the game with two free throws. However, Jamal only hit one of two and left the door open for the Warriors to tie the game 77-77 with 2 seconds left.

Coming out of their final time out, Kirk Hinrich unexpectedly found himself wide open just right of the free throw line, but hit nothing but the backboard as time expired.

Jamal Crawford gave the Bulls some breathing room with
back-to-back jumpers and the Bulls never looked back.

The news I thought during Saturday's game was the play of center Eddy Curry, who had one of, if not the best game of the 2003-2004 season, recording 14 rebounds, but more impressively 6 block shots. This all coming against one of the more up-and-coming centers in the West, Erick Dampier. Curry more then held his own both offensively and defensively against Dampier and at times scored to easily against the other Warrior defenders.

The key now for Curry, as it seemingly has been for his entire career thus far, is to bring this style of play night in and night out.

The Bulls next game is tonight vs. LeBron James and the surprisingly better Cleveland Cavaliers. It will be LeBron's last appearance at the United Center until next season.

-The Pippen Watcher

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